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Remedial Massage / Deep Tissue Massage

Do you work at a desk all day?  Do you have a sore back?  Sore neck?  Sore shoulders?  If you have musculoskeletal aches and pains, chronic pain conditions, repetitive strain injury (RSI), physical rehabilitation assistance or want to increase your mobility and range of motion, then remedial massage / deep tissue massage is for you!  Using oil, different techniques are applied directly to the skin to increase circulation, mobility, flexibility and minimise discomfort.

Techniques may include firm pressure, firm strokes, deep tissue friction and stretching. These techniques are designed to penetrate deep into soft tissue, with improvements in physical function and reduction in pain.  It can sometimes take a few hours or even a few days for the body to settle after a remedial massage, and it is recommended that at least three days pass before the next session.

Any issues that arise from a remedial massage, during and after the treatment, including swelling, bruising or additional pain should be discussed with your therapist, although these can all be quite normal responses from remedial massage, particularly after the initial treatment.

Sports Massage

Are you an athlete wanting to get the most out of your training?  Are you preparing for an event and need someone to help you keep your body perfoming at it's best?  Then sports massage is for you.  Sports massage combines the use of oil with large superficial strokes, pressure and deep strokes, frictions, stretching, mobilisation techniques, and client assisted stretching and strengthening exercises, specific to your sporting requirements.

Sports massage assists you to increase body circulation, flexibility, prevent injuries and promote faster healing if injuries do occur.  By working with your massage therapist, you can keep your body in prime condition.

Massage is used pre-event to assist with training, and post event to assist with recovery.  If an injury occurs, massage is used to help with rehabilitation and promote faster recovery.  You should be able to return to your training program as quickly as possible, minimising risk of further injury.

When undertaking sports massage, it is recommended to work with your therapist regularly, particularly prior to, and post events, in order to prepare and maintain your body at it's peak performance level.


Shiatsu is excellent for anyone who wishes to have a clothed massage, as it is practised without the use of oil. Many people find it a very beneficial massage style, as it focuses on specific points, muscles and attachments, increasing mobility and reducing pain. 

Zen shiatsu, specifically, was created by Shizuto Masunaga (1925-1981), developed from traditional Japanese shiatsu but also incorporating Western anatomy and physiology.  Referred to as “Zen between two people”, Zen shiatsu is a gentle form of shiatsu massage which uses body weight and gravity, with rhythm and conscious movement to allow the recipient to experience deep relaxation.